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made massimo's restaurant a favorite when visiting the south bay city of fremont. and what may seem just like the claqsic italian fare being served here--'s actually mouth-watering meals that have italian flair, thanks to their special ingredient--pesto. >> i love working with pestos basically because, i mean it's so--you could do anything you want. you could do 80 different kinds of pesto, like you s@w there. we did a regular basil pesto, did an artichoke pesto. we did chipotle pesto. and they're so diverse, you could do anything. it could go with fish, meats, pastas, anything. basil pesto. >> supplying steve with all of that versatile greenery is bay area legend armanino foods. in business since the 1920s when the family supplied fresh vegetables and herbs to the growing italian community in san francisco, they are now the leader in fresh-from-the-farm pesto, all thanks to a special recipe for success. >> recipe for pesto actually started with my grandmother, and we thought it was a great product, but no one knew about it. and so, we tried it @nd processed, brought it to the super
around with your loved one. the palace of fine arts is the most popular location in the city arts system. reservations for weddings and other events a >> coming up on "california cotntry" the boy on the label that is now the man in charge. and wait until you see what they're growing at one farm. trust me, you'll want to stay tuned for that. plus, we're getting giddy for goats. and our grocery store guru is back with some inside tips on picking potatoes. it's all ahead, and it starts now. [captioning made possible by california farm bureau federation] >> welcome to "california country." i'm your host, tracy sellers. our first story today involves a family that has taken the lessons of the past to ensure success today and in the future as well. take a walk through your average produce aisle these days and there are more choices than ever, but one farm has a very eye-catching marketing strategy to entice you. and it all has to do with the bright picture of a lile boy named andy. but have you ever stopped to wonder, who is this andy boy guy anyway? >> andy boy's my father, andy d'arri
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)